1. Livingston – Compact Disc

    Compact Disc (CD)

    €10 EUR

  2. Veer off course – Compact Disc (CD)

    Compact Disc (CD)

    €10 EUR

  3. TILT – Compact Disc in hand-folded Cover

    Compact Disc (CD)

    €13 EUR

  4. Live at Donau115 – Vinyl


    €25 EUR

  5. Live at Donau115 – CD

    Compact Disc (CD)

    €10 EUR


The Great Harry Hillman Switzerland

The Great Harry Hillman is a Swiss post-jazz quartet, which has been playing together for twelve years. Their music combines jazz, rock, and improv into a subdued, layered, yet thrilling sound – quiet but powerful, played by four thoughtful musicians who are more than capable of rocking out when they feel like it. ... more


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